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Today’s parts will be played by Lola, a cheeky English bulldog, and Heather, a blogger who eats too much Taco Bell and takes frequent day naps. There is also a small cameo by Hubster, the almost silent partner in this family.

Lola: Alright, tell me about the blog post. What kind of story are we writing?

Heather: No, no. There’s no story.

Lola: No story? So what is it?

Heather: What did you do today?

Lola: I wiggled my nubby at you.

Heather: There’s a blog post. That’s a blog post.

Lola: How is that a blog post?!

Hubster: Well, uh, maybe something happens after she wiggled her nubby.

Heather: No. Nothing happens.

Hubster: Well something happens.

Lola: Well why would I read it?

Heather: Because it’s on the internet.

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