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I spent the past week at Disneyland and I picked up some handy knowledge that I thought I would share with you all, just in case you plan on going someday. I also wanted to share the intense burning in my legs, but that’s impossible to do over the pages of the internet. You’ll have to trust me when I say that your legs will feel like they’ve been dipped in a volcano.

3 Things You Need To Know About Disneyland

Having more adults than children is NOT helpful. My party had 5 adults and 2 children under the age of six. We thought we were so smart. We were not. Those kids won every round! Carrying critical supplies like snacks, shoes, and coats, the adults were guaranteed to need frequent breaks that those small legs just didn’t seem to need. Even when the children were tired, the adults we were punished brutally with the additional weight of little body parts that could no longer function on their own. How can kids have so much energy for running and then suddenly be incapable of walking back to the hotel?!

You’ll walk until you can’t walk even one single step further. That’s when you’ll come to the realization that you are only halfway back to your Disney hotel and burst into tears – Mickey Mouse has designed the world’s best human trap. Your only hope at this point is to find a churro cart. Hopefully the sugar will jumpstart your body long enough to get you to a bed where you’ll collapse for the next 8 hours. Too bad you actually needed 12 hours of sleep…

Leaving the park on your final night will break your spirit. There’s no avoiding this one. You will be bitterly upset that you aren’t rich enough to live in the park castle as a permanent resident, and you’ll plead with everyone in your group to figure out a way to stay just one more day. When that doesn’t work, you’ll desperately look at your airline app and pray that it went out of business. Oops, guess you have to stay one more day!

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