Have you ever thought about getting a life do-over? Imagine being able to change one big thing – with no consequences to the rest of your life, unless you’d want that part to change. I’m really hoping that you wouldn’t change your spouse, but I won’t judge you if that’s what you choose. I took my time with this and really thought about all the areas of my life that could be better – profession, college choices, the car I drive, even my muscular dystrophy.

I would change my love of nachos.

Now, don’t panic, I love them so much and I’m not saying they aren’t really worth it. Unfortunately they are ridiculously difficult and time-consuming to make for yourself. As I sit here at midnight, typing away on my next book, I find myself wanting that delicious late night snack that I love so dearly.

If only I could love a box of cookies the way I love Taco Bell.

Unfortunately, the universe isn’t listening to my plea and no amount of snacking will quell this need inside me for cheese and meat dripped over a pile of crunchy tortilla chips. So now I’m left to make some critical decisions. The rain is falling, the temperatures are below freezing, and it’s not exactly the safest time to drive to Taco Bell. And yet, those nachos keep calling my name.

Heather, Heather, Heather you need me.

Any snack that lures you to your death is inherently evil and should not be desired.

That’s what I keep telling myself as I type – which I’m doing with one hand so I can eat candy with the other. Candy that isn’t doing the job, leaving my soul dying a slow agonizing death as it reaches its hands out toward a non-existent plate of nachos.

You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I love nachos and I’m willing to risk my life for them!

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28 replies on “Evil exists in many forms…

  1. I totally agree with Lydia C. Lee – “I think some things in life are just meant to be enjoyed. For who knows when you can’t eat them anymore?”

    I used to love, love, love seafood but lately I can’t enjoy them anymore. I’ve developed a certain allergy for shellfish. I hope it’s not a permanent condition!

    Enjoy your nachos while you still can!


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  2. I will definitely not change my spouse. Perhaps I’ll change my addiction to coffee. But then again life is way to short to miss out on the good things in life – including nachos. So continue eating them Heather #globalblogging

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  3. Why deny yourself that which you love the most??? Naturally everything should try to be in moderation (nachos included) but life is for living and nachos are for eating! As my mother loves to say “Wouldn’t it be worse if you weren’t able to eat them?” (basically an Irish way of saying life is for living). She also loves saying “enjoy life, you’ll be dead long enough”. But I’m rambling now….anyway I say don’t take away the small pleasures in life. They are the best ones! #globalblogging

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