Have you ever been asked to describe yourself and you have that iconic movie moment – mouth slightly open, eyes darting around, brain panicking as it tries to form a rational thought? Every single time someone asks me to describe my personality, I am frozen with indecision. I never have the same reply, which might actually be a sign of my personality. This week when I was asked to sum up my personality, I decided to use food to do so.

Apparently I am like a hot slice of pizza.

There’s the cheesy goodness right on top. Then a layer of molten lava that wrecks your life for days. Underneath all of that is a doughy bottom that leaves you wanting more.

The person who asked the question looked truly shocked by my answer. I could see by her face that she wanted to laugh, but she was worried I might be offended. Never one to miss a moment to make someone squirm, I put on my most serious face and asked her what type of food she would describe herself as. After a brief struggle to regain her composure, she squeaked out the word ‘taco’ but with a question sound on the end.

Tacos don’t have doubts about their character – they know they are awesome.

This girl was obviously a quesadilla, a bit confused about her overall place in life. As I debated the merits of the quesadilla personality, I could see the subtle shift in my conversation partner. Her shoulders relaxed and she started smiling. She didn’t know how this conversation got started, but she was now committed to enjoying it. Then she began to critically assess if her personality was more like a taco or a quesadilla.

Warning – standing too close to me may lead to weird pondering.

A cartoon rendering of me, but with a body made of a slice of pizza.

Is it cannibalism to eat pizza while writing this?!

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45 replies on “I have a doughy bottom, and I’m ok with it…

  1. Haha, I love it! You gave an answer that shocked her and I bet she will think twice before asking that question again. I hate when people ask me that question too. I am complicated. That’s always my answer. Because people are complicated lol! #AnythingGoes

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  2. Hmmm…now I have to consider what type of food I am. I would have to say a strawberry. Sweet at first, with a blast of unexpected tartness. Not too complex, but goes well with champagne!

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  3. I would be a few (like 3) scoops of mint chip ice cream — not the green kind, not that there’s anything wrong with green, just that I would be a bit more natural. Shavings of delectable fairly traded dark chocolate would contrast with the cool blast of minty goodness. OH, and it goes down great after pizza! #globalblogging xoxo

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  4. Ha ha that’s so funny. Never thought of using the word ‘doughy’ before to describe a bottom but now that you’ve explained it, it makes perfect sense! #GlobalBlogging

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  5. Hahaha oh Heather, this is great, and you know I love pizza 🙂 Not sure what food stuff I would choose to describe myself… Maybe rocket salad (arugula in American English, I think)? It looks a bit bland, leafy and harmless, but will surprise with a peppery spicyness when you bite into it. Sometimes that spicyness is just right, sometimes it’s bitter or way too overpowering, lol x #GlobalBlogging

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