A few months ago I tried to challenge my brain by pondering the origins of the chicken and the egg. Which one came first? Which came second? How could one come before the other? Why must my brain contemplate these topics when their answers have no effect on my life?! I was on a sinking ship without a pail. Instead of jumping overboard, I decided to take the rest of you down with me. I bet you woke up that morning in a good mood only for it to be ruined by a headache brought on by intense frowning.

Blame me for your wrinkles, I deserve it.

By the end of the week – yes, the debate lasted a week – no one was sure which came first. In fact, we were all quite sure that the egg doesn’t exist and the chicken went extinct with the dinosaurs.

Or never existed at all.

This is top-level conspiracy thinking and I love that my readers joined me for it!

Chicken & Egg 1

I started the day with good intentions.

Chicken & Egg 2

Day two felt good, I put the debate to bed.

Chicken & Egg 3

Of course I couldn’t leave it alone. By day three I had reversed course and decided that my day 2 conclusion was pure nonsense.

Chicken & Egg 4

I obviously need more than my 4 years of college to solve this mystery.

Chicken & Egg 5

Unlike that girl in the Titanic movie, I really will never let go.

Chicken & Egg 6

I thought a poll might solve the problem. It did not.

There you have it, no one knows whether the egg or the chicken came first. Before you lose all hope for humanity, I’d like to remind you all that cheese is still widely available in stores and it doesn’t require a lot of thought as you eat it.

Silver linings are important.

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35 replies on “Chickens, eggs and the great silver lining…

  1. Well, the popular theory is that dino’s evolved into birds. I better stop. I am a SPED teacher but my school went to a co-teaching model and I have been co-teaching high school science-LOL.

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  2. Hehe! Years ago when I contemplated about the chicken-egg debate…another question came to my mind (this was pre-Google and before I knew about the birds and the bees)… why do some eggs have chicks and others don’t? Coz when I was still a kid, I thought that the yolk of the egg was the smooshed up chick. Hahaha I know the answer is obvious now. And I have come to terms with not knowing which came first. #globalblogging

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    1. We had chickens growing up so I was pretty clear on why some eggs had chicks and some didn’t. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give up knowing which one came first.


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