Recently I’ve been thinking about movie soundtracks. There are certain songs that instantly evoke a strong feeling inside of you. I like to think that I have a soundtrack in my mind, complimenting the life choices I am making.

A text card that reads 'Can you hear that?! Shhh. Listen closely! Cue my music dun dun..... dun dun..... dun dun dun dun'

Sometimes the music is light and happy, noting something terrific is currently happening to the quirky Heather character. I’ve probably got the perfect snack to soda ratio and a new show to binge watch through the night.

Thank you tiny TV people.

Other times the music is frenzied and harsh, obviously something unpleasant is about to befall the wonderfully weird Heather character. I bet the Taco Bell drive through had to close early because they ran out of cheese.

That’s a worrisome scenario.

Then there are scary times. The slow-moving strains of horror begin to play. They build up slowly, reaching their pinnacle right as the lights go out around the Heather character. As she screams into the darkness, the piercing sounds of a piano are banged out – someone hasn’t made it out alive.

Poor Hubster.

Usually amused by the Heather character’s antics, Hubster pays close attention to the soundtrack in her mind. As the music slowly changes, he prepares to flee for his life. He knows he can never get away, and yet he still tries his best.

The chubby Heather character can run really fast when she is propelled by music!

My brain music is currently at a frantic pace, propelling me towards lunacy. I need some Coke Zero! I’ve been without it for a week and I am regretting the choice to give it up. I’m a stupid, stupid person and I want my drug-in-a-can back on my refrigerator shelves. I’ve come up with a proposal to solve this problem. Someone, anyone, will come and stock my refrigerator. In return, I promise to hide in the room with the doors locked while the soundtrack reaches its conclusion.

If the lights go out while you’re here, run.

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5 replies on “I can hear a slight hum…

  1. I would prefer to think of my life as a musical. There is honestly a song for every occasion. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in having a soundtrack going in my head. Even if it is ‘Baby Shark” these days #AnythingGoes

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