At the start of 2018, I set a few goals for myself. I resist the word resolution because it is defined as a firm decision, leaving you feeling like a complete failure when you don’t hit the final mark. Goals are merely plans, which we all know can change on a whim – or through an instant replay of the camera footage!

Today I decided to check up on the progress of my goals, now that we are officially past the half mark for the year.

a chart listing my goals for 2018

Goal 1 – eat large amounts of cake.

I can say that I have hit this goal and even been awarded bonus points for my dedication to redefining the meaning of ‘large amounts.’ I plan on continuing this trend for the remainder of my life – which is shortening with each slice of cake I consume.


Goal 2 – visit Taco Bell in the daylight.

I have hit this goal also! I know, I am as surprised as you are that I actually went to Taco Bell outside of the midnight hours I  typically use for foraging. Sadly, the day workers are not as in tune with my particular brand of humor and I left feeling a bit deflated. Luckily, I went back that night and the regular workers welcomed me with open arms and witty banter.


Goal 3 – dress Lola in more costumes.

While I succeeded in getting her into more costumes, I’m not sure I met the actual goal. I didn’t get her into new costumes, just the ones we already owned. We can blame this partial failure on the Hubster, who has put me on a budget and thinks costumes for a bulldog are ‘luxury items’ and not necessities.

Hubster is preventing my success.

Goal 4 – binge on even more Netflix.

Well, I know you can’t hear my voice, but I am exceedingly proud of breaking my old marathon record – it was 13 hours without stopping. Though in all fairness, I did use the bathroom and get snacks during slow moments. My new record is 15 hours. I would like to take this moment to personally thank the British for filming so many awesome things.

Success, thanks to the British.

Goal 5 – learn how to wear a wrap dress.

Stupid dresses. I suppose this was the goal I knew I could not hit. Not only do I rarely wear dresses, I also rarely get out of my pajamas. Why I thought this would be the year to successfully pull off a wrap dress, I will never know. I’ve decided this goal will never be met.

I was a bit disappointed in myself but I ate some cake and got over it.

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51 replies on “Failure is a (crap) part of life…

  1. I want to get a wrap dress and learn how to wear it too. Glad we Brita have our uses. We are producing some good TV currently I have to admit. Do drop into my linkup Heather.

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  2. You set such reasonable goals! Not something that will never get accomplished like “save money” or “quit drinking”. I am going to look at your examples the next time I want to set goals! 🙂

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  3. My kind of resolution Heather. I definitely vote for bulldog costumes to be elevated to necessity status. I think you should petition hubster. We’ll all sign! x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh those pesky wrap dresses! My boobs just can’t be contained by them although I would wrap them in the dress too I suppose…anyway, how dare your hubster say that Lola costumes are luxuries?! 😱 Dottie has a new tutu…..too cute…although she hates it. #dreamteam

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  5. I’m with you there on eating cake and binge watching Netflix! I used to binge watch but then I took up blogging and now I scan watch lol! You’ve succeeded in nearly all of them! #dreamteam

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  6. Oh you do make me giggle! This was one of your finest. Congratulations on the cake eating and binge watching. It sounds like you really excelled yourself here! As a past wrap dress wearer (before I decide to stay away from offices whenever possible) you can do it!! #DreamTeam

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    1. I didn’t watch Peaky Blinders yet, it’s on the list! I love Cillian Murphy so I’m looking forward to it.

      The Fall is my absolute favorite, I’ve rewatched the series 3 times.


  7. You had more successes than unaccomplished ones. I wouldn’t call it failures – rather “still in reach” As for a wrap dress – who even designed those dresses. I’ve attempted fitting on 3 different styles in my life as it looked so lovely on the mannequins but just looks crap on me #dreamteam

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  8. Ha! Heather. That’s priceless. What was different about Taco Bell in the daytime? We’ve yet to do any late night food trips out, but possibly hit the takeaway goal (x5) already this year. Ekk! Wrap dresses baffle me too. Do you own one? I don’t have one. They look slightly scary and I always wonder how one would keep ones boobs from falling out the front. No really. No joke… how is it possible?! Thanks for being such a brilliant host on the #dreamteam xx

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    1. Taco Bell in the daytime is scary. I saw people wearing socks with sandals. Another had a bumper sticker asking to see my boobs. And my food wasn’t made with the love of the night shift who knows me.

      I do not own a wrap dress, because I am quite convinced that it will open while I am wearing it. I have come up with a solution to that problem – I will wear an outfit underneath the dress and then if it opens, I’ll play it off like it was just a jacket of some sort!

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