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Hello everyone and welcome to #ShankYouPets! This is an Instagram community for those of us who love our pets like kids. Link up with me each week using the tag #ShankYouPets and I’ll post my favorites right here every Sunday. You’ll get to enjoy cute animal photos, attract new Instagram followers, and pick up a cool new badge if you are featured!


Shank You Pets week 24

Lola is dedicating this week to the cats. In the top right we have a cat who is imploring the silly human to open the door to the house. This cat has a special door that can be used, but cats like to make sure humans stay subservient.

“Open the door or I’ll stalk your feet at night until you beg for death.”

The bottom left cat is a straight up gangster murderer. Those aren’t pigeon feathers you see, your human eyes are just tricking you. Pigeons have never existed.

“Now, fetch me some catnip and we shall celebrate my victory.”

The bottom right cat has decided that human laundry is getting in the way of the all-important cat service. Instead of using an iron, humans should be throwing a fuzzy mouse around the room or holding a stick with a string attached.

“Prepare me a gourmet meal so I can hack a hairball up.”

Now, head on over to Instagram and check out all the adorable animals there. Make sure to follow the ShankYouPets hashtag, it’s a brand new feature in Instagram that makes it easy to see photos from the group without having to follow individual accounts. I would also appreciate you sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter so that more people can join us!

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You can also find me on Instagram @ShankYouHeather and @ShankYouDesigns

Lola and I opened a store so we can sell our funniest blog sayings on cool stuff. Check it out at Shank You Very Much

4 replies on “#ShankYouPets week 24…

  1. Thank you for including our little household helper. The iron was off in case people are wondering …! I never realised there was an actual badge! I always popped the picture and a link on the nearest post … So others can see all the adorable little whatmits

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