Well this is a bit embarrassing. You’ve all showed up here because it’s Monday morning and you’re ready to read a fresh blog post. Well, I didn’t actually plan one out. I spent this weekend in utter glory and completely disengaged my brain.

I took a 4 hour nap on Sunday.

I’m not sure when the last time you’ve had a nap was, but I highly recommend it. Gather your fur babies, head to the bedroom, plop down on the bed, and just give in. For those of you with humans to take care of, I recommend you hop into a time machine and make a different decision on parenthood. Or better yet, buy a lottery ticket since you’ll know the winning number and then hire a nanny to care for your children while you nap for four hours every Sunday afternoon.

Your children will thank you.

Or maybe they won’t. Console yourself with the thought that if they don’t thank you, the world will still turn and you’ll still be a millionaire. You could buy a new family at that point, one that will be grateful for the stuff you give them even if you can’t be bothered to spend time with them.

Now that I’ve given you a goal to accomplish this week, how about we call this post a success? No? You still need more to be fulfilled? Okay, let me try one more thing that may make you feel better about your life decisions.

killer clown

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14 replies on “Oh, you’re here again…

    1. It’s restorative! I think many world problems could be solved if leaders slept more. The average “big guy“ in a company only sleeps four hours a day. That is not enough for your brain to wrap its head around life appropriately.


  1. What I would like to know is why Mum napping is not considered important? I mean every man, child, dog, cat etc. thinks it’s okay to wake Mum up from a nap for emergencies such as ‘I can’t find my DS charger’ whereas if it’s Dad napping then it’s ‘shush, don’t wake your Dad’ or the kid napping, ‘aww don’t wake them, aren’t they cute.’

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    1. I also wonder the same thing! My parents had a very strict rule when we were small that if one of them was sleeping, we were not allowed to wake them up for any reason other than blood or death. It didn’t matter if it was mom or dad, dad could handle anything we needed while mom was sleeping.


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