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My nieces are coming! My nieces are coming! My parents are bringing my nieces to visit. All of those FaceTime calls are finally paying off. Maybe I should start at the beginning.

My nieces live in Hawai’i. I live in Washington state. There is an ocean in between us. Visits are very costly, and usually result in my seeing the girls only once a year. However, the girls have now gotten a few years under their belts and can finally speak to their fellow humans. At 2 years and 5 years old, they are making their thoughts and wishes known.

And they want Aunt Heather!

An angry, chubby, rainbow unicorn sitting down with the phrase 'made with genuine unicorn tears' under him.

Commence Operation Unicorn*

Almost every weekend results in a FaceTime call. On desperate weekends, they FaceTime me twice in a day. That usually means a grandparent or parent is down for the count and in desperate need of a nap. That’s when I get to run at toddler speed, often becoming nauseous on my couch as their phone jiggles rapidly. I get to marvel at toddler drawings made with crayons and a dose of artistic gusto. Better yet, I get to ride on those little rocking horses that I outgrew three decades ago.

Those should be available in adult sizes at Ikea.

I also get to fill up whoever’s iPhone or iPad is being used to call me. That’s right, the babies have learned how to take photos of me while they FaceTime. My father had an entire album full of the goofy faces I made in order to hear my nieces laugh.

I love those little hooligans.

So, we’ve been working on Operation Unicorn for a few months now. The girls ask to see me, I ask to see them, and we all put on desperate faces with a tear running down whenever my parents are around.

It worked.

*I am the unicorn in Operation Unicorn thanks to being the only aunt in their entire world. I may (read as ‘I did it’) have dyed my hair purple just in time for their arrival. Hey, one doesn’t hold onto the title of Unicorn without some effort on their part!

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