Last week I told you all how I conquered the financial beasts that require payments each month for services I don’t actually need to have. Contracted luxuries, in case you forgot. I left you on the cliffhanger that the universe would find a way to destroy my victory. Here is the rest of that story…

Lola Story

I was feeling victorious and decided to send the Hubster off to Taco Bell for a bit of a treat. Something that I think you all need to know is that the Hubster hates Taco Bell. He has eaten it begrudgingly, but only if forced to by a shrieking wife/fat kid who will not rest until she has had nachos. It is a testament to his love for me that Hubster even agreed to go on this errand. It’s probably also a testament to the amount of complaining he knows he will hear if I have to suit up to venture out into the snow.

Did I mention it was snowing?!

Poor Hubster, has to battle the snow and he wouldn’t even get a reward at the end of it all. One day he’ll use this to justify the decisions he will make in his last will and testament – but that’s a problem for another day and I’m confident I can fix it then!

Always an optimist. I could feel the universe starting to giggle.

Hubster went off in my car, armed with a wallet and very large Taco Bell order to fulfill. Cheese, cheese, more nacho cheese! Never once did Hubster complain about the task, his long-suffering sigh was all I heard before the door closed. As I loaded up Netflix to watch something great, I was eagerly awaiting the nachos I knew would soon be in my belly. Lola, sensing the excitement of the moment, started barking frantically.

The cheese must have arrived!

I opened the door just in time to see Hubster pull into the driveway. I watched as he got out and looked at the hood of the car. Not thinking anything of it, I called out asking what he was doing dawdling when my cheese was getting cold. His facial expression said it all – the universe had taken its victory back. Hubster wasn’t dawdling, he was checking to see how much damage there was from the accident he just had. Apparently I had watched attempt number two of Hubster pulling into the driveway.

Attempt number 1 involved the car sliding on ice and hitting the telephone pole in our front yard, as well as the mailbox. The mailbox we just replaced after another person smashed the old one with their car!

No mailbox is safe in my yard!

I would need my coat and shoes this night after all. Damn universe. As I surveyed the damage to my precious car, my thoughts were very preoccupied. While I was happy the Hubster was ok, I was actually pondering something much more critical. How long did I have to stand out there looking at the wreckage before I could eat the nachos that were getting cold in the car?

text box that reads

So there you have it. Ruined car. Ruined nachos. Thankfully, the Hubster wasn’t ruined, though he’s got some pretty strong feelings about the telephone pole now.

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17 replies on “How can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect…

  1. Poor you! I mean I don’t know how you survived…waiting for your Taco! We went to the States a few years ago and I was very much looking forward to trying a Tacobell as we don’t have them here in the U.K. Well all I can say is that I agree with your Hubster on this one! Haha 🤢#anythinggoes

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    1. It says they have 23 locations in the UK and that they are opening more this year. If you Google future UK locations they have a list of what they’re doing. Maybe one will be close to you!


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