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Well, I may have lost some friends recently. I published an inflammatory Christmas movie list where I announced my dislike for many beloved Christmas movies – classics to most people. Then I followed up my list with a poll on Twitter that did not include those classics. Well, unless you consider the option to vote for “anything with Santa.”

Dear Beloved Readers,

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. You should learn to love Die Hard because in just a few more years it will be a Christmas Classic itself. Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of its premier and I think that officially deems it a classic. I remember watching this movie on our Betamax player – you know, the technology that lost to VHS.

Typing that statement made me feel at least a decade older than my 34 years of life.

So, embrace the new classics and watch Die Hard on Christmas Day. If you can’t appreciate your loved ones while watching bombs explode, hostages being held hostage, and helicopters failing to stay afloat – you will never appreciate them.

Villains... Explosions... Mayhem... Death... Sounds like a great Christmas movie to me!

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