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I recently read an article with a list of 23 popular  ingredients to mix in to your pancake batter. Aside from the usual fare of chocolate chips and blueberries, there were several ingredients that made my stomach churn. Corn kernels for one, followed closely by spinach.

Now, I know I’m not the healthiest person in the universe but what in blazes are people putting spinach into a pancake for?!?! Why are you eating a pancake if you refuse to just let it be in its deliciousness?!?! For one meal can you please just let your hair down and slap some syrup on your plate?!?!

How can I possibly use more ?!?!?! to convey my shock and horror?!?!  Oh, there, I did it.

Head on over to vote on which ingredient is the most unacceptable to see in your pancake – I picked the four most gruesome from the list.

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