Since I know you all want to peek inside my mind and see how it works, I thought I’d share the random tangents my brain explores during the dark hours when the rest of you are sleeping. Except the Brits in the UK, they’re actually awake when it’s my night so they get a frequent peek into my brain as I ramble on Twitter. It’s raw and unedited brain footage – I’ve seen more than one person running in the opposite direction when my Tweets start flowing…

Except the Brits are my largest group of readers and they respond to me online, so obviously they’re only running to get a snack before they watch what happens!

Here is something my brain pondered recently.

'Sometimes I miss the beaches of my childhood but then I remember... Jaws.'

As someone who spent her first 24 years in Hawai’i, I would like to establish a ban on that movie for anyone under the age of 10. I loved the ocean until I saw that movie. I won’t even dip a toe into the water now. Jaws is waiting and he knows the fat kids are tasty.

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32 replies on “When pondering life, it’s best to have an audience…

  1. oh the jaws reference – terrified us all didn’t it? Never can we look at the beach in the same way ever again – well those of us of a certain generation. Wow to having lived in Hawaii – bet that was beautiful! #bigpinklink

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  2. I have never seen Jaws. I have been Martha’s Vineyard where it was filmed though. As last week’s post was all about how much I love the sea, I think I’ll keep it that way round!

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  3. Just stopping by again with the #dreamteamlinky! You know, most of my readers and Twitter friends are Brits too. But you should feel good about the fact that you are not up later than I am. I’m over here on the East Coast, so I’ve got you beat by 3 hours!

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  4. Hahaha I used to have a friend that would literally have to hide behind the sofa if he saw a shark on the TV all down to Jaws. We’re talking a grown man in his 40s too! No good can come from watching that film ever! PS: We Brits really do love the things that keep you up at night. You brighten up my twitter feed lovely! Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

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  5. Ha ha, I’m only ever a toe dipper when it comes to the sea anyway. Whenever we go on holiday my husband has this thing where he HAS to swim out to a certain spot and back again at least once during the holiday. He used to love swimming out to sea but over the last ten years he’s become scared of there being sharks underneath him and feels like he has to conquer his fear (weirdo I know but telling him not to bother just makes him more determined!), and he’ll psyche himself out all holiday until he’s done it then you see him visibly relax. I think I’ll just stick to the beach 😂

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    1. I do miss it, but I’m very lucky that all of my family still lives there so I go and visit almost every year. If the cost-of-living was more affordable, I would love to go back!


    1. Back before they had a PG-13 rating! I asked my mom why she let us watch that so young and she laughed and said “I didn’t know what it was about- you seem to think that movie trailers were a big thing when you were that young.” And she’s right, you didn’t have any way to look up a movie and see what parent reviews were before you showed up to watch it.


    1. We have a built-in swimming pool and it had this vacuum that sounded freakishly like Jaws coming for you. I wouldn’t swim alone when that thing was turned on and I was even suspicious of it when my dad had it turned off. One time, I was swimming in the pool at night and my brothers turned it on to scare me. The one time I remember peeing in the pool.


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