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Well, last week’s poll was a fiasco. Over 200 years ago the Americas had a little tea party which kicked off a bid for independence from the people across the pond. Fast forward to last week on Twitter, when the British reclaimed all the ground we had taken. They voted coffee off the face of the earth.

Yep, that’s right! More people across the pond voted and the Americans were left reeling as they tried to imagine how people could choose their firstborn child over coffee. I mean, it sounds so silly when you sit back and think about it! I offered you a choice of giving up one item- coffee, chocolate, potatoes, or your firstborn- and I fully expected those firstborn children would be ditched without hesitation by my voters. Instead we lost coffee…

Because they like tea better. *cue uncontrollable weeping from the Americans*

So this week I’ve decided to pick a very safe topic before the voters try to take away the island paradise that they created in the first ever Twitter poll post I did five weeks ago. Head on over to vote on which superpower you would most want and let me know why!

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