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Well, I unleashed a Twitter storm upon myself. I had planned on being extremely productive yesterday and today- writing new blogs, getting a chapter in the book done, finishing the Lola cartoon that has been painstaking in its creation. I did none of it. Instead, I put up a poll on Twitter and fell into the rabbit hole. Hundreds of tweets were exchanged. Hundreds. To put this into perspective, I rarely get more than 10 comments/retweets when I put something on Twitter. I was unprepared for the Twitter response to my poll and I’ve been having a blast trying to keep up with all the replies. I’ve put the poll below, for those of you not on Twitter.

My Twitter followers worked out how to have everything they need for the rest of their lives on the island. They worked out the way off the island as well, but since they’ve got cheese, wine, books, hammocks, and Lola, they decided they weren’t coming back any time soon. Maybe when their kids turn 18 and vacate the house. Maybe. Heck, they lured me to the island with the Taco Bell they promised me so I’m not sure any of us will ever return.

Now, I’m off to play on Twitter some more, because my followers are awesome and their brains never stop coming up with brilliant things. I also need some more British insults to use when people around me are stupid. Like I said earlier, it’s a rabbit hole and you never know what you will find!

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