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I didn’t post a blog yesterday so that goal is officially dead in the water. I wish I had a good reason but I do not.

Unless you consider binge watching Seinfeld and eating ice cream a valid reason to abandon my goals.

Now that I’ve typed it, the reason does seem pretty damn valid. Name one thing that would have been better than sitting around with a TV and ice cream. You can’t name it, because it doesn’t exist. It was perfection, just like the name of the town in the movie Tremors. Which I also watched yesterday.

All of yesterday’s activities have left me feeling depleted of energy so I decided to draw you guys a blog today. Yes, I drew it. You can tell because it looks like a 4-year-old child was holding the markers.

A crude drawing of me and my young niece.

Then I decided to really test my creative abilities (and redeem myself after showing you my terrible stick figures) and do the cartoon digitally. I told a story a few weeks back about how hugging my 4-year-old niece is like wrestling with a boa constrictor. You are terrified, but incapable of running away. You can read about it here. And now I present to you:

Eliza Hugs

Click on the photo to see a bigger version!

I’d like to add a little note here for the public to consume. All the artwork displayed on my blog is my own. I made it from scratch, I own it, the words are mine, and you shouldn’t steal it from me. I make my living off the designs I sell online and it makes me cranky when people snatch it and put it on their own website- even if you “give me credit.” I’m not giving permission and you’re stealing.

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