I didn’t post a blog yesterday so that goal is officially dead in the water. I wish I had a good reason but I do not.

Unless you consider binge watching Seinfeld and eating ice cream a valid reason to abandon my goals.

Now that I’ve typed it, the reason does seem pretty damn valid. Name one thing that would have been better than sitting around with a TV and ice cream. You can’t name it, because it doesn’t exist. It was perfection, just like the name of the town in the movie Tremors. Which I also watched yesterday.

All of yesterday’s activities have left me feeling depleted of energy so I decided to draw you guys a blog today. Yes, I drew it. You can tell because it looks like a 4-year-old child was holding the markers.

A crude drawing of me and my young niece.

Then I decided to really test my creative abilities (and redeem myself after showing you my terrible stick figures) and do the cartoon digitally. I told a story a few weeks back about how hugging my 4-year-old niece is like wrestling with a boa constrictor. You are terrified, but incapable of running away. You can read about it here. And now I present to you:

Eliza Hugs

Click on the photo to see a bigger version!

I’d like to add a little note here for the public to consume. All the artwork displayed on my blog is my own. I made it from scratch, I own it, the words are mine, and you shouldn’t steal it from me. I make my living off the designs I sell online and it makes me cranky when people snatch it and put it on their own website- even if you “give me credit.” I’m not giving permission and you’re stealing.

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24 replies on “When hugging crosses the line…

    1. It really bothered me because when I asked her to take it down she argued and acted like I should be grateful she was “sharing” my work. It’s not sharing when you are not giving credit and you are utilizing my artwork as if it’s your own. She only offered to put my name under it after I called her on using it. But the fact that she went out of her way to edit the photo to take out my website address that I put on all photos to help protect my work, said everything I needed to know about the person. If it were just a new blogger who didn’t know and was instantly apologetic, I probably would have allowed her to keep it up. But to go so far as to remove my website from the photo…ugh.


  1. How many ways to I love this post? Let me count the ways. Ready…it’s gonna be like your nieces hug. Haha. Can you please make a cartoon of us enjoying our Iced Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew One Pump Mocha drink? While being served by…let’s say, Ryan Gosling? Or you know what…let’s keep it local and Jason Momoa. (*sits and waits for awesomeness that you will create*) xoxo #blogcrush

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