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While looking through Facebook this morning, I’ve come to a realization that shook my very soul. I’m an old woman. Seriously, I’m in mid-life. At 33 years old, I can no longer identify half the costumes that kids are picking out for Halloween this year. Sure, I can spot the big ones, Disney movies like Frozen, Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast – but that’s Disney. Everyone watches a great Disney movie! I can identify all the characters from a comic book movie, as long as that comic existed when I was a kid.

What about all these other characters?! Why are there so many ninjas? Did I miss something and there were a million ninjas in a movie somewhere? This can’t be coincidence that there are so damn many ninjas roaming the streets tonight.

And just who is this Yo-Kai and Zootopia? I ask a kid what their costume is and I get some rambling answer where the only word I actually heard was Yo-Kai or Zootopia. And I don’t know what LazyTown is but it seems like the exact opposite name of something I’d want a little kid to watch. And why are they spelling it as one word? Are we preparing the preschoolers for Twitter hashtags?!

I’ve decided to embrace my old woman-ness and just tell everyone they look great while playing Wheel of Fortune on the TV in the background.

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