While looking through Facebook this morning, I’ve come to a realization that shook my very soul. I’m an old woman. Seriously, I’m in mid-life. At 33 years old, I can no longer identify half the costumes that kids are picking out for Halloween this year. Sure, I can spot the big ones, Disney movies like Frozen, Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast – but that’s Disney. Everyone watches a great Disney movie! I can identify all the characters from a comic book movie, as long as that comic existed when I was a kid.

What about all these other characters?! Why are there so many ninjas? Did I miss something and there were a million ninjas in a movie somewhere? This can’t be coincidence that there are so damn many ninjas roaming the streets tonight.

And just who is this Yo-Kai and Zootopia? I ask a kid what their costume is and I get some rambling answer where the only word I actually heard was Yo-Kai or Zootopia. And I don’t know what LazyTown is but it seems like the exact opposite name of something I’d want a little kid to watch. And why are they spelling it as one word? Are we preparing the preschoolers for Twitter hashtags?!

I’ve decided to embrace my old woman-ness and just tell everyone they look great while playing Wheel of Fortune on the TV in the background.

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28 replies on “When did I become an old woman…

  1. haha oh gosh I am 40 so I must be really ancient! Halloween is pretty new here in Australia, so it is fun just starting to learn about the tradition #TwinklyTuesday


    1. So sorry, you made it into my Spam folder but I dragged you out! How does Australia like Halloween so far? I actually didn’t know it was an American thing until I posted that blog.


  2. Went out with the girls last night and I saw a mom dressed as Rainbow Brite! Now you know you are old when you recognize your adult kids fava from 0+ yrs ago. Mom

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  3. I am thirty four. I have birthed four humans. My tummy looks like a scene from Alien and if I go longer than four weeks my hair is grey as shit. It makes me very sad. I am NOT aging gracefully- not at all.


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  4. Hahaha….loved this. I must be ancient then. I think I can’t identify 95% of the costumes too and whatever suggestions I make, my kids look like me like I am outdated, which I probably am. #momsterlink

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  5. I didn’t get the ninja thing this year either. But Zootopia is awesome and you should totally watch it. I’ve never heard of Lazytown.

    That’s 1 out of 3. I guess that makes me old too.

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          1. Only happened once – but it was surreal enough to warrant a blog post that I’ll EVEN be kind enough not to pimp (any further than mentioning it) in the comment on your blog. Side-effect of maturity. Which isn’t the same as old – right ;)?

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  6. Oh girl, I hear you. I’ve asked my niece 3 times already what she was for Halloween. The first time, I was like, “HUUUHHHH? Speak up!” Then the second time was, “Who’s that?” The third time I asked, I had just forgotten her original answer in my dementia haze. If you think 33 is bad, just wait ’til you become 42 (you young whippersnapper). #momsterslink

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  7. I’ve got a few years on you and am always complaining about my aching back, but I refuse to admit I’m old just yet. My son is obsessed with Yo-Kai and it’s just weird. LazyTown is horrendous, don’t even look it up. Zootopia on the other hand is one of the best films I’ve seen all year, me and the hubby laughed more than my 7yr old! No idea why the ninja thing is all about though x

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