I think I may have broken my index finger. I was trying to adjust my kitchen aid bowl the other day and I foolishly opted to ignore the instruction to “unplug the unit.” And you can guess what happened next.

As my hand slid on the machine, it knocked the lever and turned the mixer onto its fastest speed. My finger got caught between the bowl and the flat beater.

That 1.3 horsepower sounds little but your bone is no match for it.

Now, I’d like to give a few pointers in case this ever happens to you. First, unplug the unit. Nobody needs a hero, just do what they say. Second, please don’t try to pull your hand free. All you really end up doing is lifting up the entire mixer by the one finger trapped in the jaws of the machine.

And that mixer is very heavy!

It’s been over a week and it hurts worse than it did before. A bruise would be decreasing in pain, wouldn’t it?!

I’m going to go make a splint out of popsicle sticks and tape. Thank god I keep a well-stocked first aid kit.

Update: The popsicle stick was working well but I finally went to the doctor when the finger swelled up. It is fractured so I get to pretend I’m Colossus from Deadpool while it heals and wear a fancy metal splint.

I wonder if I automatically get super strength powers?!

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6 replies on “I am not explaining another accident to my doctor…

  1. Ouch! Broken fingers are such a pain in the ass because there isn’t much you can do except just wait for the damn things to heal. Well I guess that’s the case with any broken bone but since we are in constant use of our hands it’s a real bitch. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink. I enjoy reading your posts every week!

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  2. I don’t know what this says about me, but I noticed how great your nails looked before I saw that your finger was broken. Super cute.

    But I’m sorry you’re in so much pain! 😦 Cooking appliances are The Worst!!

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    1. Thanks for noticing my nails! I’m pretty thrilled that I had the foresight to paint them before so many people saw them! It sure beats my last visit to the hospital which involves me wearing my pajamas and a hoodie, walking hunched over in pain with a ruptured appendix. Now at least the hospital staff know that I can put on clothing and look like presentable human being from time to time.

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  3. Hi Heather, so sorry to hear about the finger. Who knew a Kitchenaid mixer could be so aggressive! Hope it heals fast. Take care and we will talk to you! Martha and John

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