I’d like to talk about how Lola’s diet is going. Well, how well do you think it’s going?! She’s a bulldog who fancies cheese and peanut butter. And she can’t have any of it right now.

It’s been a painful few days, she now drools whenever I eat. She never used to drool. This diet is ruining lives… and carpeting. Luckily, she seems to be losing that excess weight so once we hit our goal weight and the fall weather kicks in, Lola should be exercising enough to eat again.

That’s the funny thing about bulldogs. Every other animal, on the planet, gets fatter in the winter and slimmer in the summer. Not this little English – she is the complete opposite. It is so hot during the summer that Lola lies around trying to play as little as possible. Once the weather cools down she’s an unstoppable maniac. She chases squirrels for hours, charges around the house demanding her ball be tossed 1,000 times a day, and she relishes any opportunity to jump and catch bubbles that the Littles are playing with.

It’s exhausting.

Next year I’m going to avoid this diet agony and remember in time to reduce her food before the summer. Save us all a little bit of the sanity we have left remaining.

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13 replies on “Do we really have any sanity left…

    1. It is indeed! Lola watched me eat dinner and she actually trembled as I bit into my pizza. I caved and gave her a slice of cheese. As a fat kid, it breaks my heart to see another being trembling from hunger.

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