Who wants to get paid no money to do a thankless job with long hours, and very small windows of time in which to use the potty?

Plus you’ll never get to potty by yourself.

Just kidding. Sort of. You see, I’m still working on my blog construction. Now, to those of you who haven’t noticed the random moments where I use colors that are similar to the right ones, you may not have any idea that I’ve been working on my site. But for those of you OCD people who read my posts and wonder why I’m too lazy to just type in the custom color code when I want to make something pink, I bet you’re pretty happy I’ve been working on this.

Correct. Not correct. Correct. Not correct. 

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it really bothers some readers. Myself included. I mean, 50% of a blog is presentation. 25% is Twinkie eating for inspiration. 10% is will power to sit upright at the computer. 10% is googling words because you know you’re smarter than spellcheck. And the final 5% is actual content. See, the colors are important!!

I wish I had some long-term vision when I started this blog. I could have saved myself all this work and just applied myself a little more to keeping everything good-looking.

I have updated all of 2013 and all of 2015. Those are what I like to call the easy years. Mostly because they are only half a year’s worth of posts. But 2014 is a real bastard. I posted over 250 times in 2014 and I’m regretting at least half of them.

So who wants to come work for me for 2 Twinkies per hour? I could really use the break or my eyes will blind me and my computer mouse manipulating arm will fall off.

I bet you’re wondering why you can’t go potty by yourself. I have one word for you – Lola.

Lola must verify that you’re not climbing out a window to escape.

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