Hubster and I had a text conversation the other day. In the quest for full honesty, I’ll tell you that we were in the same house and no one wanted to walk to the other person. I would say that we only had a text conversation in the same home due to Hubster recovering from surgery, but it has happened even when one of us is not recuperating.

Hubster: Apparently Mom is having “a surprise” delivered to the house today sometime after 1400. It will not be FEDEX or UPS delivering. I am skeptical that whoever is making this delivery has [Navy] base access but we will see.

Me: Is it an edible arrangement? Because those look yucky to me since I don’t love fruit.

Hubster: I have no idea, she wouldn’t say.


Hubster: Somehow I doubt it.

Me: Chinese?!?

Hubster: I can’t help but doubt it is a meal.

Me: Why wouldn’t she send a meal? Meals are what you send to show love. Or puppies. Puppies also show love. MAYBE SHE’S GETTING US PEUGEOT!!!

(Sidebar: Peugeot is the name I have picked out for my French bulldog that I want to own. Peugeot is the French racing company that competes in the 24 hours of Le Mans race. Lola the English Bulldog was named after the UK racing manufacturer that competes in the same race. I plan on holding the 24 Hours of Washington once I’ve gotten myself the Frenchie.)

Hubster: The time. She wouldn’t send a meal to be delivered right after lunch and hours before dinner. I’m sure it’s a puppy – a ST. Bernard puppy.

Me: YES!!! A Beethoven would be AWESOME!!! We need to go buy a custom bed, just in case. I’ll get on Amazon right now and see what they have in St. Bernard size beds.

Hubster: How about we just wait and see if a St. Bernard shows up. I will plan on sleeping with Lola, and you can sleep in the spare room with the big dog until the custom bed arrives.

Me: OK, I guess if you have to rain on my parade.

Hubster: That’s what I live for.

There you have it folks. The Man just raining down on my parade of puppies and sunshine. Now I’m going to go scroll through pictures of French Bulldog puppies on the internet and make Lola seethe with jealously.

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