Lola told me a joke last night. I was sleeping in bed and I felt a furry little face with pointy teeth right next to me.

Lola VERY close to the camera so you can only see one tooth and eye.

I decided to play along and woke up enough to ask Lola what’s up. She said to me, “It’s night-time and I’m not tired.”

And then she proceeded to pounce on me to get me to play. I cursed the gods that saddled me with an active bulldog when all of a sudden Lola yawned and said, “Never mind, I am pretty tired.”

She curled up and went right back to sleep.

World’s most terrible joke, ever.

P.S. I had to use an old photo since obviously I was not going to actually get my phone and take a photo at 2am. If I had done that, I’m sure the flash would have set off an hour-long play session involving Lola’s toys and my having to throw them.

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4 replies on “I was awake for hours…

    1. Lola said thanks for the face compliment, she loves her teeth so much! The hardest thing about the bullies is waiting to see if they’re going to have an underbite or not. Lola’s mom did not, but her dad did, so we just had to wait and see. They show up around 4 months or so.

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