“Okay, what’s the best way to conquer this ball? I could do a frontal attack with a 75% success rate. The hail mary might be the way to go here though. I have no idea what a hail mary is, but I assume it means the gods of war will help me out so I can get the ball…hail mary it is!”

Lola standing over her ball, licking her lips.


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4 replies on “Lola’s going for the kill…

  1. LOL! What a cutie! We have an olde English bulldogge who is such a love! A big, ol’ stinky pain in the rear but he’s the sweetest thing ever…as long as he is right next to you. Let you get out of his sight and he turns into the whiningest, cryingest baby you’ve ever met.


    1. I will give Lola props for not drooling or stinking up the joint with her farts, but when she can’t be right next to me she is quite the whiner. And she lies down and pretends you crushed her ribcage by stomping on her poor little self. She’s so dramatic.


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