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So a lady goes to work one morning and when she returns home, her house has been bulldozed.

By her husband.

And everything was still inside.

He’s in jail and she’s homeless. Hopefully crafting something from the rubble to shank her husband with.

This is why quality childcare is so important!!! This shows what happens when you are never taught how to appropriately manage your frustrations in life. As a toddler this guy would have been the biter, the spitter, or the hitter in his daycare. And as a professional in my field, I could have taught that kid how not to grow up to be a toddler in a big boy body.

Now that I’ve made my speech for the day, I’m going to go work with some nearly two-year-olds and try to teach them bulldozing a house is NOT an option without serious thought put into it.

And a bucket of money on standby for rebuilding.

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