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A image of a menacing pumpkin smiling with the quote 'By the end of autumn, I'll have infiltrated all of your homes.'

Thank god fall is over. No more pumpkin. No more spice. No more orange.

It’s time for the dark, cold dreary days of bleak, depressing winter. I love dark and dreary. I work from home so I can sit back, wear comfy pants and bake.

Oh, I  guess I also have to make sure to feed the Littles and stop them from sticking things into the wall sockets. But those are small details I’m sure I can manage between sipping hot cocoa.

HOT COCOA!!! Thank you grey skies, you make hot cocoa taste better.

It’s like the Pacific Northwest was designed just for me. And I’m never leaving. Unless the Navy makes me.

But those bastards will go on the shank list if they make me leave.

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