The other day I found a new blog and it was so hysterical. The person was similar to myself in that she loved Seinfeld and sarcasm wasn’t a mood, it was a lifestyle.

There was just one problem.

Her entire website was laid out in center format.

I mean, how can I read a blog where your eyes have to continually skip around to find the start of the next line?!?!

It blows the very technique I employ to speed read. My brain now has to seek out where to put my eyes instead of just automatically going to where the text should be.

So, that’s the end of that. If I can’t speed read through your blog, I’m not even going to visit it.

Which brings me to another distant memory. I downloaded a free Kindle book that had the same layout. And every single review of the book complained about it. If you aren’t a speed reader, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

But if you are a speed reader like myself, you are cursing me as we speak aren’t you?!?!?!

To all of the other people who can read a 400 page book in under two hours, and comprehend it, I make you this vow:

I will not do this to you ever again.

Unless I’m writing a poem or other work which requires it to be so. And of course, pictures will always be centered in my blog. Because it is way more distracting to not do so.

So I guess my vow isn’t very strong. But I got you to read a few more lines of stupid, hard to read text like I had to suffer through yesterday.

I pay it forward like the internet is always telling me to do.

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12 replies on “You know what’s annoying….

  1. Oops. Guilty as charged I’m afraid! Although I was slightly reprieved when I read that poems are allowed so I guess that gets me off the hook as 95% of my posts are poems. But I must admit that I have got so used to the poems being centred that I tend to centre ordinary text now too just in keeping with the rest of my blog. *hangs head in shame*. I shall slap my own wrist in future hehe xx #bigpinklink

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    1. You are exempt from this policy! If you tried to go to a left-hand justified post, it would look really strange because almost all of your posts are poems. This lady writes posts just like mine and centered them… it was just an odd creative choice.

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    1. No, your site still reads like a normal book. Her layout looks like mine, everything was to the left of the post and then when you looked at the post all of the font was centered. It led to having one or two words on a line every two or three lines worth of writing. It was very distracting and difficult to read her posts. And because she wasn’t a word press blogger, there was no reader to make it formatted for a phone. It was just very disturbing, and I think other people must’ve said that to her because she redid the layout and put everything to a regular left-hand justification. Which I have to be honest, it made me very happy because there was no way I could continue reading that blog in its original layout.


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