I know I sure did!

Saturday I got to eat a ton of sushi and then I thought I would die. Then I ate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

And I knew I was going to die.

So I sat around in fat kid glory on Sunday and Monday. In my pajamas. And played with Lola.

Lola's ball

“Upon my honor, I swear to defend this ball with my life if necessary!”

It was blissful and I’m pretty sure I yelled “hahaha, suck it!” to at least five Facebook statuses that were posted by parents telling me how tired they were.

And then I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. Because I do not have kids and now you all know why. I sat in my pajamas and watched tv and thought deep thoughts about cake. You had to chase a 2-year-old around a barbecue all afternoon to make sure said 2-year-old did not receive third degree burns from the drunk dude running the grill.

I win.

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