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I would love to be asked to do product reviews on this website.

I love Twinkies, Spam, English Bulldogs (send me another one of those and your shit will get peddled on my blog FOR FREE!) and anything involving cheese, but not goat.

I also enjoy books, baby gear (to keep those Littles from become a waste of oxygen as adults) and reality tv (but only Bravo, keep it classy).

I love Seinfeld with such passion that it is possible I could recite the entire series front to back (not to mention my memorization of The Big Bang Theory).

So today I decided to stroll around the world-wide web and see which bloggers are peddling free stuff they get to keep after blogging about it. I realized that I already peddle my favorite things just by talking about them.

Witty- WTF?! were you thinking

Now people are going to send me stuff I don’t want.

Hey, I don’t want a triple stroller to hold all my infants in when we go outside every day. I like having to strap one onto my body and push two chunky Littles in the stroller at the same time. And by the way, I really don’t want a triple stroller where two are in back and one is in front center so that I can still fit through a standard doorway while holding the door open on my own. Really, I don’t want it.

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