I’m paying for it today.

Last night, right about 9pm, I got hit with the cleaning bug. I went into my laundry room, saw a spider, and thus began The Night of No Sleep.

I was dusting, mopping, wiping baseboards and trashing stuff at an alarming rate. The Hubster wisely stayed out of the way by going to bed, he didn’t want to get tossed out with the dirty water.

Somewhere around 11pm I decided the house could not get any cleaner, and then another spider walked its happy little ass out of the front closet. I LOST my shit.

Round two commenced.

Now for those of you who have seen my house, you know how meticulous I am at keeping it clean. I am aware of the eye rolling you are doing trying to imagine just how I could get it cleaner. But you can roll your eyes on over here and kill some damned spiders for me. That would be much appreciated.

I am making this vow to myself and my beloved Lola – never will we own a house that does not have central heat and air and numerous filtering systems. My parents wisely keep a bubble around their home, I don’t even think their windows are capable of opening.

It was bliss. Dust free and spider free, what more could I ask for?!

I cannot live in this stressful environment where I am assaulted by dust and spiders and damp air. I can’t, I tell you, I just can’t!

And thanks dad for Field Day Saturdays. Only a Navy kid would know what it feels like to look around an area and shudder knowing that you can’t go to sleep until it’s done. No matter how much you want to…

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2 replies on “I had too much fun last night…

  1. I think Lola should start pulling a little more weight around there. I have never seen a spider in my house… Either I am missing them or the cats are doing a good job


    1. Lola runs away from spiders and barks until I make them go away. It’s pathetic. And really cute. I’ll try to video it next time if I’m not screaming myself and can hold the camera steady.


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