Since Thursday I have been on quarantine in my home, cooped up with Hubster who is also on quarantine due to his close contact with a victim of the flu. We have been pretty bored and plagued with alternately feeling terrible and napping then feeling great and wanting to bust out of prison.

Today Lola decided to pull a Shawshank Redemption and tunnel her way out.

Lola was in the back room, lounging around and doing whatever it is she does when no one is looking. Like downloading blueprints to the US Treasury and devising ways to take over the world. Then she comes out of the back and she is limping for all her worth and trying to make…it…to…Mommybeast before her last breath runs out.

So I immediately say, “Screw quarantine, my puppy needs veterinarian help!”

$66 later and she only has a sprained shoulder. No dislocated shoulder, no broken bones. Just a sprain.

I hate quarantine, it makes us all crazy.

And Lola just extended hers by days since she has to rest and can’t play with the daycare Littles this week. Enjoy the back room Lola. Enjoy.

Lola the bulldog wearing a cowgirl hat and a pink bandana around her neck.

“I’m not cut out for prison. Look at me! I’m not a bandit. Wait, what? Why am I wearing a bandana? Very funny Mommybeast!”

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