After I wrote an entire diatribe on how people never live up to their resolutions and then feel like failures, the Hubster has picked up the gauntlet to prove me wrong.

I just ordered him an exercise bike, only after he promised to use it often. He said he plans to use it 5 times a week. At $2,300 I expect that this resolution will stick around just due to my constant nagging over wasted money if he doesn’t use it.

Now, in all fairness to the Hubster, he did tell me to pick out one that I would be willing to use. Which means, to anyone who knows me, pick out one that I will dust and never use since I am by nature a sedate couch potato. It’s so cute when people think I am motivated to do anything other than read my Kindle while doing an impression of a statue, with either Big Bang Theory or Seinfeld on in the background.

Finally, a reversal in the marriage harmony. Usually I am the one wasting money on crackpot ideas about hobbies I am undertaking. And now it’s his turn.

Let the games begin.

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