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So I was very torn over writing this blog, but decided I had to do it or my head would spontaneously combust. I know some of you will disagree, such is life. Just please get to the end before your head explodes on your keyboard, mkay?

I do not get the whole outrage over people having to work on Thanksgiving. It’s just a day. To pin the entire life of your family to a single day is a bit extreme to me. Where are the other 364 days you should be loving your family?!?!

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. Not everyone has a family. Some people need to go out to eat because they have no other way to feed themselves that day. Maybe they had a house fire. Or maybe they are disabled. Who knows and who are you to judge?

So here’s a message to all you retail, restaurant, grocer and other random workers who are complaining this year:


There are firefighters, (for when you burn your house down with turkey)

police officers, (for the peace at the parade you NEED to watch since it’s tradition)

hospital staff, (for all you who burn themselves)

military servicemen, (to make sure you don’t get nuked as you eat turkey)

ambulance drivers, (to save you from choking on that turkey bone)

911 operators, (to send the guy who saves you from choking)

nursing home workers, (for those with no families to take them out for the day)

mass transit workers, (so you can GET to your family)

airline pilots, (who fly everyone in on time to turkey)

flight attendants, (so you can have a turkey day at destination)

not to mention all the airport support staff, (who you always forget)

movie theater workers, (who have been forgotten for two decades, no boycotts for them, huh?)

tv crews, (so you can watch the parade and football you feel you deserve over that poor worker who misses out on turkey with family-just for you)

utility companies, (the guys who make our entire turkey day possible)

So why do you all get so angry over the retail workers having to work?!?! Is it because every other worker is there to serve you while you all sit at home on your tush?

As an ex-retail worker who had to stock toys on the night of Thanksgiving, I do understand where your feelings are. However, as I said earlier, it is just a day on the calendar. You can enjoy turkey the day before or the day after- just like all the other workers I listed have had to do for decades without the masses getting angry on their behalf.

Tomorrow I am happily enjoying a movie in the theater and maybe even going out to eat with my husband. We’re breaking all the “family togetherness” rules and yet, somehow, we will still manage to love each other. And be thankful.

Imagine that.

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