I was happily minding my own business today when BAM! Out of nowhere came the realization that illiteracy is running rampant throughout the country. Social media has completely ruined us, and not in a good way. I was fine with people creating fun spellings in a hashtag format – sometimes the real word is just too long. I was even ok with the occasional LOL or FML because abbreviations are a way of life. I was completely unprepared for the complete loss of spelling ability, affecting even in those of my own generation.

The generation who saw the introduction of the world wide web yet still took phonics in school.

Today I saw a member of my very own generation collapse on social media and spell the word work as werk. She then asked if that spelling was correct, and I was horrified to see that over 100 commenters said yes. The general consensus reasoned that if people twerk than it must mean that work is actually spelled werk because rhyming is a thing.

A real-life educated person was completely brainwashed into thinking work is spelled werk by the people of the internet. I just have one question for these people.

How long did it take before the spellcheck on your iPhone committed suicide?!

Let’s play a little game to make ourselves feel better. Say the word werk. Bet you just made duck lips to do so! 

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19 replies on “Spell by rhyme…

  1. OMG!!! I hate duck lips (except for when my little does it, then its pretty cute) and i can not stand it when people spell words like they are stupid, since when did that become cool to appear that you dont know how to spell a simple werd (LOL)


  2. Oh My Goodness! I am about dying over here laughing at this because I have seen the same thing with people spelling words wrong then insisting they are right. I mean, really? Hello! Marty McFly! Anyone home? #bloggerclubuk

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  3. It always shocks me how people have the job title ‘manger’ on LinkedIn. Whenever I’m having a bad day I have a look and it cheers me up knowing they’re thicker than me. But yes, the way it’s going is a concern and I think the argument that language constantly evolves only goes so far

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