I have never sought therapy for any reason. I find it pointless for my personality and that’s just the way I think some people are wired. I had a therapist friend once who wanted to have me committed said I was fine. She said that dramatic people usually need very little guidance on their feelings since they spread them around so freely. You’re welcome friends – I’m sharing and you like it!

I am skilled at getting over stuff just by yelling the word shank a few times online. You should try it, you might save yourself thousands of dollars in therapy bills each year. I’ve even found solid evidence my theory works, and you know it’s true because I read it on Wikipedia.

“Some popular anger management techniques include relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring, problem solving and improving communication strategies.”

I am totally using their improving communication strategy. I yell shank, I feel better, anger – gone. 

Kudos to me for a job well done.

*You should never take mental health advice from anyone who is not a professional. I am not a professional. Never, ever, actually shank anyone – you will go to jail. Please seek an actual doctor’s advice before discontinuing any current therapy program. I think that about covers me from a weird lawsuit involving shanks, therapy bills, and a possum.

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