I recently had a conversation with a fellow Navy spouse that I thought I would share with you all. Prior to this conversation, I thought I was practicing online safety. I now suspect that I may need to cover all my walls in tin foil to prevent people from listening in on my thoughts.

Friend: I was thinking about making a book online with all my Facebook history so I can see where I’ve been and all the photos and chats I’ve had while there.

Me: Well, don’t you know where you have been and the photos should be on your computer hard drive, right?

Friend: No way, I just let Facebook store all my data…don’t you?

Me: Ummm, were you sitting in the same Navy lecture about terrorists using our online information to kidnap our husbands and then torture them with the knowledge they have of us? Or following us home and using us for their nefarious purposes?!?!?!

Friend: Heather, I think you take these things too seriously. Is that why you delete everything from your account? I mean, you’ll comment on my pictures and before I can even read and respond to them you have deleted your comment. It’s crazy!

Me: Obviously I don’t want people to be able to find me and kill me! And I don’t want to have to answer in court about things I wrote on Facebook…

Friend: Why would you be in court?

Me: Any number of reasons, you never know when shit will go down.

Friend: But now that the NSA has it all the moment you post online, does it matter anymore?

Me: Damn. I’m going to be awake all night now!

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2 replies on “Online safety, or is it…

  1. I think your friend has a point, maybe not on the terrorist threat, but on the court stuff she’s right. Once it has been posted it is never really gone!


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