Darkness engulfs me.

My open eyes see nothing.

I creep forth slowly.

These steps are risky.

The foot of the bed is near.

Damn! I’ve stubbed my toe.

Hopping on one foot,

I reach the bathroom in tears.

A nightly routine.

This series is intended to highlight the ridiculous antics of adulthood – a milestone we all wanted to reach as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, the reality of adulthood is not the endless cake and cookie feast we all believed it to be. It turns out, there are a lot of monthly bills and no one cooks you dinner!

3 replies on “The unavoidable trauma…

  1. Omigosh I really dislike stubbing my toe!! Actually I did it last night on my way past the island in our kitchen…dang that hurts.
    Have a great day, we love you all!

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