2019 Shank You Pets

Hello everyone and welcome to Shank You Pets! This is an Instagram community for those of us who love our pets like kids. Link up with me throughout the week using the tag #ShankYouPets and I’ll post my favorites right here every Sunday. You’ll get to enjoy cute animal photos, attract new Instagram followers, and pick up a cool new badge if you are featured!


I’m so happy to report that Maggie, the orange kitty, has made a safe return home. She escaped from the house and spent several nights in the wilds with very active coyotes looking for food. Hug your pets tight, things can change in an instant!

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2 replies on “#ShankYouPets week 92…

  1. They’re so cute! Thanks for sharing! Thank God kitty is safe! That so frightening!! My cats were outdoor cats initially, until one of them went missing and never returned! I was devastated and from that day on I had indoor kitties! 👍🏻😘💖

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  2. This kitty is definitely an indoor lady and her momma was so worried the whole time. I just kept telling her that Maggie would come back. Sure enough, several nights later she used the opening her Momma left for her and woke them all up at 1am with a triumphant return.


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