This week has been spent in preparation of my nieces’ invasion of my home. Lola is excited, I am excited, my little nieces are excited… Hubster is terrified. He knows that the next two weeks will be a whirlwind of happy shouting, excited running all over the house, incessant snacking, and whatever the girls end up doing while they are visiting.

It’s going to be great!

Now let’s take a look back on some of my social media shenanigans that have happened recently.

My goal is to watch everything on Netflix so I can complain there is nothing to watch on tv... like the good old days of my youth.

I miss complaining about the lack of things to watch.

I just realized that all of the foods I love have been mentioned, eaten, or shown in the background of a Seinfeld episode. It's their fault I'm fat.

I love you Jerry, but it’s time for you to take responsibility for my snacking addiction.

Lola is plotting something. Watching a dog rub her paws together is absolutely terrifying.

It was cute for the first 30 seconds and then I started sweating.

Putting groceries away is the real world version of Tetris. Who says video games aren't practical?!

I trained my whole childhood for just this moment.

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