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This weekend Hubster, Lola, and I hosted our first barbecue of the season for our friends. It rained. It rained a lot. Needless to say, Hubster stood in the rain wielding a spatula and I cheered him on from the window while chatting with friends.

Hubster will use this in his self-defense strategy after he offs me permanently.

In other non-murdering news, I said things on social media and have gathered some highlights for you. Well, I’m calling them highlights – that way it sounds like my life is way more exciting than it actually is.

My conscience is talking to me and it sounds suspiciously like Darth Vader.

My mother was right, I am a rotten child.

When in doubt, follow the voice that guides you to cake.

That voice is so smart. And still sounds like Darth Vader.

I woke up to Lola's face an inch from mine. I think she was contemplating if I was friend or food.

I’m friend for now, but if I die she said she’ll eat me to survive. Sounds fair.

Pandas are clearly party animals - even their name invokes fun. Pan! Da! Pan! Da! Pan! Da! (crowd chants to techno beat)

Lola and I tried to dance while chanting and now we both need to see a doctor.

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