The weather has been toying with us this month. First it is bitter cold, then it’s warm and I feel a hint of sweat touch my face – prompting me to run towards an air conditioner as fast as my legs possibly can.

Thankfully I can always count on social media to stay constant.

Friends and family posting food photos, pictures of pets, a few political rants, maybe even a video of a panda sliding down a bamboo shoot. I’d like to pay you all back in kind, but it just never seems to work out that way. Instead I provide you all with the rantings and ravings of a slightly over-sugared blogger who stays up way too late at night and pontificates about nothing. Well, not nothing, but as close to nothing as one can get before having absolutely zero words to post.

In a game of Follow the Leader, always be the leader. You can stop to ask for directions later.

I guarantee you will end up at Taco Bell if you follow me. And I won’t need directions.

Sit in front of a dog with a french fry and time how long it takes until you give the fry away. My record is 30 seconds.

Sometimes I eat the french fry, but that ends with me scared to close my eyes at night.

Lola heard the neighbor dog bark and told me to prepare a cheese platter. I guess she has company coming.

Lola is as social as I am and she has excellent taste in snacks. Drop by for a nibble!

I wish a meteor would chart a course for Earth... We'd finally get to see all the cool gadgets the government keeps in the back room!

I bet that memory flash wand from Men in Black is real.

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26 replies on “Leadership, tech toys, and the ever delicious french fry…

  1. Tee hee hee! You and Lola do make me giggle. I would love to follow to Taco Bell. I saw the other week that they are now in the UK, but its about 30 mins away in a very rough area so I am debating the trip, but the tacos are calling!! #DreamTeam

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  2. I would definitely like to take your ‘Be the leader’ quote on board more often seen as how my instinct is always to try and get lost in the crowd. Plus I wish we had Taco Bell in Ireland, it is just so sad! 😦 #dreamteam

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