Sometimes in life there seem to be easy questions that are able to be answered in one short burst of excited chatter. Other times the answer is elusive, requiring many hours dedicated to internet research in order to solve the mystery. Unfortunately, my brain always seems to ask these questions late at night.

What do wild goldfish eat?

A teal/green owl that says

I bet you immediately opened your mouth, prepared to spit out an answer. You may have started uttering some sounds before your brain caught up to your mouth – reminding you that you didn’t know the answer.

Not without some Google fact checking, that is!

Ask me what other marine life eats and I can rapid fire answer. It may not apply to every single member of the species, but it would be correct for at least one. Whales, simple, they eat plankton. Lobsters, also easy, they like tiny seafood – scary, I know. The adorable octopus is quite fond of shrimp, though I cannot vouch for their use of dipping sauces. Crabs will mess up a buffet of mussels without a second thought.

We all know what sharks eat – fat, juicy humans.

A cartoon shark who has his front half of the body out of the water and looking at you with his mouth open and the phrase 'cue my music' underneath him.

This leaves me once again pondering what a fish in the ocean eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I doubt there are giant bottles of pellets being sprinkled across the world each day by huge human arms. (Imagine that sight for a minute though, it’s a wild thought!) I really want to solve this mystery, but it’s very late at night and if I Google anything it will lead to hours of fascinating reading.

Fish probably eat donut pieces, like the ducks in the pond.

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30 replies on “The ocean needs some sprinkles…

  1. I’ve never thought of wild goldfish before. I just always imagine them in bowls or tanks….Whereabouts in the sea would the wild ones swim? And really, what would they eat? This is going to keep me awake now…! #abitofeverything

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    1. I know, it really baffles the mind to think about goldfish living anywhere but a tiny bowl in the house. Obviously they must live in the wild somewhere, how else did we get them in the tiny bowls?! My brain is still obsessed with it!

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  2. This post and the comments definitely raise more questions than answers and to be fair my mind is being blown my the fact that carp eat bacon and sweetcorn. I’m picturing a carp sitting in its pond devouring a nice bacon butty. hehe #GlobalBlogging

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  3. I have actually thought about wild goldfish before, though I never went so far as to google what they eat. Now I’m interested and want to know 🤣 Thanks for hosting #GlobalBlogging

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