I partied hard this week, which was a wild departure from my normal couch potato lifestyle. I had to leave my house three days in a row and I can tell you that it was as weird for me as it was for those who had to interact with me. I apologize to anyone who was frightened by the grinning lunatic who watched everyone with a keen blogger’s eye – prepared to write about all of your lives while you tried to complete your daily errands in peace.

'If you yell this is sparta! at the drive thru, other cars will move out of the way.'

The lady in front of my looked terrified and ended up driving past the ordering window. I laughed as she drove around the building and ended up behind me in line.

'A fish and an octopus walk into a sushi bar... they were served.'

An obvious pun, but one I’ve never heard until I invented it. Feel free to nominate me for a humor award or two.

'Adventure comes in many forms - let's see if it finds me in the laundry room today!'

Adventure did not find me that day. I’m still bitter about it.

'Have you ever noticed that your dog's eyes never leave you while you're in the kitchen? You will now!'

Sometimes I try to trick Lola, but her eyes always return to me within seconds.

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42 replies on “A keen eye belies the crazy smile…

  1. I only leave the house on weekends to go shopping and eat out. But I did leave home for 10 consecutive days for our recent trip to Europe! And that was a big thing for a homebody like me!


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