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What is going on with the caterpillar? It’s an insect that lives in a chubby body, inching his way through life – probably terrified that one misstep will have him falling off the tree branch with no safety net below. Fat kids should not be forced to live in high trees, it’s just not natural! Then one night the caterpillar decides to build himself a blanket fortress to take his nap in… and he wakes up as a butterfly!

I have never woken up as a hippo after falling sleep on the couch.

A teal/green owl that says

Do you think the caterpillar brain knows what is going on? He eats a bunch of leaves, without even a drop of salad dressing to make it palatable. That is reason alone to want to morph into another creature! Then he builds his safety blankie and prepares to take the warmest nap of his entire life.

He probably watches some Netflix as he falls asleep.

Is he completely unaware of what he is about to become? Or does the caterpillar know he is about to wake up as a beautiful winged creature, colorful and interested in flowers? Finally, a meal that won’t make him cry himself to sleep! This previously chubby creature now has the figure of a supermodel… but what about his brain? Is it the same one? Does he remember being a caterpillar? Does he recognize his other caterpillar friends who haven’t taken their transformative nap yet?

I bet the butterfly is a complete snob, mocking the fat bugs as he soars over them.

How exactly would the caterpillar brain know how to operate a set of wings?! His brain must have been reprogrammed while inside the blanket fort – maybe a short video tutorial was played for the caterpillar. Imagine how wild it would be if he knew how to fly as a caterpillar, yet he was forced by nature to walk everywhere because he hadn’t grown his wings yet. I guess we should all be thankful that butterflies don’t have stingers…

Bitterness and butt swords are a lethal combination!

I don’t know what the answers are to these questions, but I know I’m going to think about them for at least another 6 hours.

It’s a damn good thing I don’t have a day job.

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