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Well, it’s the start of another week and of course we have another installment of all the things that have gone on in social media land. My brain has been up to shenanigans again and I don’t want to be alone with the crazy, so I’ll unleash it upon all of you. Now, should you become frightened, grab the closest pet to you and hold them close. Make sure they have had their rabies shots in case they fight the cuddle you’ve imposed on them. If you happen to grab a cat, I’m sorry but you’re not going to live through this day.

Cats cuddle only when they damn well feel like it.

'My phone autofill returns 'eating' after I type the words 'I am.

The only thing more truthful than a small child is the autofill feature on your phone.

'If you had a choice of unlimited nachos or living forever, what meat would you want on your nachos?!'

I would choose carne asada, also known as steak.

I use social media to make myself hungry 24 hours a day.

I've been called crazy before, but I always ignore it. The voices in my head criticize everything.'

They just chatter in there all day long. Most of it is useless, but every so often they remind me that I haven’t had a slice of cake in the past hour.

'Any hint of a cheese wrapper opening in my house will cause violent drooling. Lola drools a bit also.'

It is embarrassing how much cheese Lola and I manage to consume in a week. Maybe it’s time to purchase a pet cow. Hubster is going to protest, I can feel it.

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