As most of you know, last week was Thanksgiving in the United States. The week where families gather around a table and give thanks for all that they have received in life… while secretly making their Christmas wish lists in their head. While many people were working towards an overachievement award in home decorating and cooking, I spent the week accomplishing my own rather lofty goals.

I think you’ll be impressed by my initiative.

Unstoppable 1

Unstoppable indeed. I just may make it out the front door next!

Unstoppable 2

I achieved that goal and it was delicious.

Unstoppable 3

I am aware I could print one from the Amazon website.

Unstoppable 4

I did fetch that pizza. It didn’t taste any better than when they bring it to my doorstep. The pajama pants and delivery method will suffice for future pizza needs.

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