My brain finally gave up the fight. Around 2pm, chicken wings entered the house, and my brain switched into eat mode. It hasn’t switched back since.

I sat in front of my blog and stared at the screen. No words flowed.

I watched a bit of Netflix and tried to imagine a world in which dinosaurs never existed. No thoughts came about.

I then picked up a book about a murderous doctor, intent on killing as many patients as possible before being caught. Not one thought about whether my own doctor is capable of doing the same to me.

Text box that reads

My brain had better get itself in gear soon because this is unacceptable! I love to consider who in my life might be the first to try to murder me. I also frequently dwell on which magical abilities it would be nice to have, and what limbs I would trade to get them. Superman fighting Iron Man is a thrilling way to spend 3 hours! I often ponder how the world would be different if we removed one popular species from it.

Think about a world where a giraffe never existed and tell me it isn’t a wild ride for your brain!

Here’s to hoping my brain comes back. If it isn’t weird again by tomorrow morning I’ll try to eat more chicken wings to cancel the first ones out. It’s a bit of a command+option+esc for the brain… I hope.

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