Lola is well versed in the art of subtle warfare. She may look entirely innocent to those who don’t know her, but lurking just under her furry surface is a calculated hunter just waiting to strike.

Unfortunately, I am usually the prey.

Lola has a plethora of toys that litter our home. Some of her favorites include the rubber ball that makes a satisfying squish noise when chewed, a rope ball that creates a giant thunk when tossed across the room, and a rubber bone that blends into any environment.

This is the weapon used to destroy me.

The rubber bone can be placed in a number of areas around the house, where it lies in wait to trip me. Due to our uncarpeted flooring, the rubber bone is able to grip the floor – ensuring that it will not be kicked out from underfoot. Instead, the rubber grip causes humans to stumble over it, leaving them flailing their arms and legs in a desperate attempt to stay upright.

A task I cannot usually manage even without a bone in the walkway.

This weekend, I was witness to the moment I’ve been dreaming of since Lola pranced into my heart seven years ago – retribution. The rubber bone, growing weary of being chewed on by a slobbering mass of fur ball, decided to exact its revenge in the most satisfying of ways.

It tripped Lola, causing her to fall into a pile at my feet.

Lola queen is down

That’s right, Lola was caught in her own boobytrap! Never again would she be able to smugly grin her doggy smile as I’ve gone sprawling across the living room floor. Never again would I hear her puppy cackle when I’ve found myself grasping at the wall while falling – a wall that only adds insult to injury due to its textured nature that scrapes the skin raw.

Justice has finally been served to the injured parties targeted by a vindictive Lola.

For the rubber bone’s safety, I’ve removed it from the toy box for a few weeks. I can only hope that when reintroduced, Lola will have forgotten the incident entirely. If she hasn’t, I am prepared to offer up cheese on behalf of the bone – it’s the least I can do after rubber bone stood up for me and all the other humans who have been harmed.

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51 replies on “The swift hand of justice…

  1. Poor Lola! I hope her dignity was not too badly damaged. My don Benji has a habit of lying at the foot of my bed so that when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I usually go sprawling over him. He is a black dog on a black rug – good camouflage!

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  2. Love this! I have cats. They occasionally leave wet fur balls as traps for an unsuspecting human to walk in. This post gives me hope that one day they will too get some retribution!


  3. Oh dear Lola you need to use a better strategy next time or do what my dog does – he will just lie in the middle of the walk way and everyone else must step over him. And when you tell him to move, he blatantly ignores you #dreamteam

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  4. Hahaha! That’s hilarious! We have those bones! The ones that stick to wooden floor with such force that if you trying to kick it, your going to be the one stumbling over. Sorry Lola – but that is priceless. Alfie leaves his everywhere, his favourite place being right at the top of the stairs! I do sometimes ‘hide’ them every so often to see if they can be accidentally lost, but they always come back. Like a boomerang. Shall we invest in crash helmets? Thanks for bringing all the giggles to the #dreamteam Heather and for being such an awesome host xx

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  5. I can see the headline now – ‘Death by Killer Rubber Bone’… ok maybe that’s too harsh. How about ‘Near Fatal Injury By Rubber Bone’. I have to say it’s eye-catching! But really we don’t want to see anyone harmed by this assassin play toy. And poor Lola by the way 😦 It’s always so much sadder when the pet gets it. Sorry Heather! #GlobalBlogging

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  6. That is hilarious! Poor Lola but I have witnessed my cats get scared at some of their toys as they prance around the corner and it suddenly makes a noise they weren’t expecting. It’s just really funny! Sorry for the late response to last week’s #GlobalBlogging

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