It’s been another eventful week for me on social media. Not only did I ponder the very deep issues of kale smoothies and exercise routines, I have now ensured Lola cannot move a single muscle without me knowing it. Did I mention that society owes me a parade? No? Well, it does.

Without further adieu, all the things my brain has been churning out has been summed up in these four photos. There was a lot more, but it has to be disseminated slowly so that you all don’t question my sanity.

a text box that reads 'drinking salad dressing is not acceptable to society, but there's kale in a breakfast smoothie. who's making these rules?!'

a text box that reads 'I tried riding a stationary bike this week. I'm positive this would be the first task I handed over to a robot.'

a text box that reads 'I set up Lola's new GPS tracker... just in case she doesn't follow me to the bathroom.'

a text box that reads 'I completed the laundry for this week. Someone prepare my parade route.'

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29 replies on “Exercise and a kale smoothie…

  1. I’ll get the ticket tape…you finished the laundry!! I can’t remember the last time I had an empty laundry basket, I even have a pile of laundry next to the basket…go me!! I’m considering arranging it into a pyramid and chucking some tinsel at it and calling it a Christmas tree inspired modern art installation. #globalblogging

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  2. Ok I’m going to say something pretty controversial so don’t judge me – I love kale…….there I said it, but in a savoury dish. Not in a smoothie! No, for me smoothies are for fruit only. So I commend you for drinking that because I definitely wouldn’t! No I haven’t lost my faculties altogether. And you absolutely should have a parade in your honor for doing the laundry, mine is still sitting in a pile at the top of the stairs! I keep walking past it trying to pretend that it’s not there…#globalblogging

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    1. Eventually the pile will just disappear… It’s magic like that. Either because people start wearing dirty laundry when they run out of clean, or because your husband will take care of it when he gets desperate enough. Either way, keep on ignoring it! And it’s OK that you love kale, as long as you love cake more.


  3. Tried kale in a smoothie at a health bar once and it wasn’t to my liking – it’s an acquired taste. And let’s just say the kale had an effect on my dispensing in the loo as well – I was quite shocked to see the amount of green coming out of my system.

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