It’s time for another venture into the inner workings of my social media mind. My brain spent a lot of its recent time very confused. There was the usual food, drink, and nap time schedule to adhere to but I decided to test my mental acuity by throwing some math at it.

My brain has not recovered.

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42 replies on “My brain has not recovered…

  1. A nap, pizza and coke zero are always options on the table for me! Pizza and coke come first followed by a carb nap lol x #GlobalBlogging

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  2. Spring really isn’t any better than winter here. We have maybe a whole week of spring before it’s blistering hot. Pretty sure we only have summer and winter here.


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  3. Love the “math class” graphic. I met my hubby in calculus class in college. totally worth grinding through a really tough course, but I remember nothing from the class (except him!)

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